A documentary in progress by Vivian Vazquez, Gretchen Hildebran and Julia Steele Allen.


Decade of Fire needs Filemaker Pro! Can you help?

We are in the process of collecting and logging a huge amount of archival footage to use in the film.  To make this work we need Filemaker Pro database software – any chance anyone has a legal copy they could share with us?


Production Update: DECADE OF FIRE rough cut to be finished by AUGUST 2014!

For the past several months, our team has been working to get all our footage and materials from the last three years into shape to tell the story of the fires.  With the support of two generous donors, we have begun working with an editor on a full rough cut version of the film, to be completed by August 1st, 2014. It is an exciting moment for the project, and we are thrilled to be on the path to finishing and bringing this story to the world!

In order to finish the rough cut, we are raising an additional $30,000. Nearly one-third, $9,000 will fund a final two weeks of shooting, to capture the elements of the story we still need. The remaining $21,000 will pay for archival research, for an assistant editor to review and log a giant pile of archival video, and for our editor to complete the rough cut between now and August.

marcy softball

We are so excited that the edit is underway, and we are also immensely grateful to all the film’s supporters who have made it possible to get this far. But we aren’t there yet. Please help us complete the rough cut by next August!

Catch up on the status of the film and make your end of the year tax-deductible contribution by hitting the “donate” button on this site.

Thank you again for all your passion and support for DECADE OF FIRE.

All the best,

Vivian, Gretchen and Julia

“DECADE OF FIRE” got a Kickstart – now it’s full steam ahead!

Back in 2011, DECADE OF FIRE was catapulted ahead thanks to the generosity and support of 162 backers on Kickstarter.  Raising over $16,000 to go towards production costs, Kickstarter allowed the film to shoot key footage in 2011 and 2012 –  most recently interviews with block defender Hetty Fox and original Bronx organizer Mili Bonilla (South Bronx People for Change, Mothers on the Move).

Mili Bonilla  Hetty Fox

The film’s production team is now focused on creating a rough cut out of our 80+ hours of interviews, archival and footage from today’s Bronx.  Check in here for more updates on the film coming soon!