A documentary in progress by Vivian Vazquez, Gretchen Hildebran and Julia Steele Allen.


Decade of Fire is currently in post-production

DECADE OF FIRE is currently in post-production. We are thrilled to be fellows in this year’s IFP filmmakers lab, where our rough cut has been screened and critiqued by industry professionals and filmmaking peers, who are helping us through the film’s completion process. We are working to get to picture lock by May 2016!

Look out for a crowdfunding campaign in late 2015 to follow up on the success of our 2011 Kickstarter campaign! DECADE OF FIRE will be at IFP film week in September 2015, and we continue to approach investors and submit proposals to a range of funders, in order to cover the costs of archival research and licensing, a graphics treatment, a musical score and mastering.

Photo by Davina Pardo