A documentary in progress by Vivian Vazquez, Gretchen Hildebran and Julia Steele Allen.


Vivian VazquezVivian Vazquez


Vivian Vazquez is Nuyorican and grew up in the Longwood district of the South Bronx during the time of the fires. She left in 1980. For nine years after returning to the Bronx, she led projects in children, youth and senior center programs at Bronxworks. Vivian managed the development of educational youth development models in GED completion and college access programs throughout the city. Currently, she is the Director of Community-School Partnerships at the New Settlement Community Campus, a new K to 12 public school in the Bronx. She is a proud member of 52 People for Progress and this is her first film project.

Gretchen HildebranGretchen Hildebran

Co-producer, cinematographer, editor

Gretchen Hildebran is a documentary producer, shooter and editor who is focused on the connections between politics, policy and human experience.

Gretchen co-produced and edited the internationally screened WORTH SAVING (2004), about a ground-breaking program that trained drug users to save each other’s lives, that was presented in HBO’s Frame by Frame documentary showcase. In 2005 she produced OUT IN THE HEARTLAND, about the stories of gay parents in Kentucky facing a constitutional amendment banning marriage.

Since graduating from Stanford University’s documentary program in 2005, Gretchen has worked in Los Angeles and New York as a cinematographer and editor for TV and independent documentary productions, including shooting Ramona Diaz’s THE LEARNING (2011). She has edited commercial and non-fiction projects for clients such as the History Channel, PBS and the United Nations Development Programme.

JuliaJulia Steele Allen


Julia Steele Allen began working with Vivian Vazquez as a Community Organizer and Educator in the South Bronx in 2001. They developed a high school curriculum on the burning of the Bronx that was the inspiration for this film. She currently serves as the Co-Chair of the New Settlement Community Action for Safe Apartments (CASA) Solidarity Board, a tenants’ rights organization in the South Bronx. Julia is also an award-winning performer, playwright and musician. www.juliasteeleallen.com

NeydaNeyda Martinez


Neyda Martinez is a producer and independent strategic communications and cultural consultant with over 15 years of experience. While working full-time she completed graduate studies at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs earning an MPA in 2008. She’s served clients such as Hachette Book Group USA, NYC’s Mayor’s Office of Adult Education, and Pernod-Ricard, a former sponsor of the Latin Grammy’s who sought her expertise in strategy, marketing and communications. She is the responsible for communications strategy of public media’s newest documentary series, America ReFramed, was Director of National Engagement for PBS’ documentary special, LATINO AMERICANS, and was part of POV’s communications and marketing team where she worked on campaigns for over 60 acclaimed documentary titles. In 2004, she conceived the music and humanities project, HABANA/HARLEM®. She is the producer of the independent film LUCKY and her initiative, The New Audience Project, garnered a 2008 Rockefeller Cultural Industry Innovation Fund Award. She volunteers on committees for the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Uprose and serves on the national board of directors for The Association of American Cultures, as well as for the Bronx-based dance company, Pepatian. An active cultural advocate and leader, she nurtures the next generation with hands-on mentoring. Her contributions have been recognized by El Diario-La Prensa’s Mujer Destacada campaign (2002); BeingLatino.com (2012); Senator Peralta and the Latin American Intercultural Alliance (2013); and Ford Motor Company’s Mujer Legendaria campaign (2013).

Rachel Antell and Jennifer Petrucelli

Archival Producers

Archival producing team Jen Petrucelli and Rachel Antell have each worked in film and media production for nearly 20 years. Rachel has produced and edited independent and commissioned documentary films that have appeared on HBO, PBS, and in festivals worldwide. Most recently, she was the archival producer on Nancy Kates’ feature documentary “Regarding Susan Sontag.” For many years, Jen produced and conducted archival research on a series of historical documentaries for Lucasfilm which aired on the History Channel. They ranged in topic from Mata Hari to Picasso to Patton. She wrote and produced “Double Victory,” the Lucasfilm documentary on the Tuskegee airmen. Rachel and Jen are currently working as researchers on a film about Dolores Huerta.